Structured Products – Is now a good time to invest?

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A structured product is a fixed-term investment, the return on which typically depends on an Index level, e.g. the FTSE-100 Index.  The main attractions of investing in structured products are that the potential returns can be quantifiable albeit they are not guaranteed, and they provide useful diversification from other more traditional investments such as equities.  Although capital invested can be tied up for a number of years, most plans offer the potential for early maturity, often on an investment anniversary, subject to the performance of the referenced index.  However, these can be sophisticated investments, in which complex financial instruments are used to provide the returns.


We undertake extensive research into available structured products and maintain a panel of approved plans.  We prefer offers that are linked to a single index, such as the FTSE-100, rather than being linked to multiple indices or individual stocks, which may offer higher returns but carry greater risk.  We favour defensive plans which can pay out even if the FTSE-100 Index falls by some margin during the term.  Some plans offer a “step-down”, where on each anniversary the required level of the index is lower than the year before, meaning that the plan can mature early even if the index has fallen.


However, with these investments there is usually a risk that capital may be lost if the underlying index falls significantly, typically by over 40% at maturity.  Another potential risk is counterparty failure, where the party issuing the underpinning financial instrument becomes insolvent; in these circumstances investors may lose their full investment. Understanding the financial strength of counterparties is therefore essential and we will only recommend products where we are comfortable with the counterparties.


In times when the FTSE-100 Index has fallen, investing in structured products arguably becomes more attractive, as the likelihood of loss of capital perhaps reduces.  In addition, the returns offered from these products are usually higher during periods of increased market volatility, which is why now may be a good time to invest.  Returns from growth plans are usually subject to Capital Gains Tax, so investors can use their annual CGT allowance of £11,100.


In conclusion, with a wide range of products available, we believe it is essential to obtain financial advice when investing in structured products.  Investing in a portfolio of carefully selected products, perhaps at different times to provide diversification between counterparties and maturity dates, can be an appropriate strategy to adopt alongside a broader investment portfolio.  Returns can be attractive, but you need to understand the risks involved, and due to their complex nature, structured products are not suitable for all investors.


Risk Warnings

  • You are not guaranteed to receive back the full amount invested.
  • The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed.
  • Levels and bases of, and relief from, taxation are subject to change.
  • The investments are intended to be held for the full term of 5 years unless specific features mean that they will pay out early.
  • Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


Retirement Planning – At Your Service

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Many of us look forward to retirement where we can spend our days doing whatever we wish, take up new pastimes and travel the world. As life expectancy is increasing, our retirement can now represent more than a third of our lifetime, so it is becoming more important to ensure we have a robust financial plan to meet our income and capital needs when we retire.

We can help you plan the financial aspects of your retirement, whether you are many years from or approaching retirement with our ‘Retirement Service.’ We focus on six separate areas summarised as follows:

Establish what you Need – Help you understand what your expenditure may be in retirement and factor in the impact of other variables such as inflation.  A retirement budget planner is used to aid this process.

Establish what you Have – Estimate what potential income you may have at retirement taking into account your savings, investments, state and private pensions.

Bridge the Gap – Our cash-flow planner will illustrate any shortfall / surplus between what income you may need and your current savings. It can also illustrate whether you may run out of capital in later life, the impact of higher than anticipated levels of expenditure, inflation and investment growth levels so you can consider a range of variables. We can then advise on what changes you can make to both your savings and investment strategy to achieve your required goals.

Discuss your Pension Income Options – Once you reach retirement, you may either opt to secure pension income through purchasing an annuity and / or select a more flexible pension income option such as drawdown. We will advise on a range of strategies according to your circumstances, incorporating your objectives and risk profile as well as considering inflation, tax, investment approach, access to capital and death benefits.

Consider Non-Pension Savings – Advise on how other investments held such as ISAs and share portfolios can be used to supplement your income needs in retirement.

Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning – Advise you on how to structure your affairs to potentially mitigate inheritance tax through considering a variety of solutions which will prioritise your own financial needs whilst seeking to protect assets for the next generation.

Our service does not stop there.  It is important to provide an ongoing service “In Retirement” in order to ensure that your goals are being met and any income is sustainable.  We will regularly appraise your investments, your pension income options, legislation and changes to your lifestyle.

If you would like to discuss this further with one of our consultants please get in touch here.


Middlesex County Cricket Club

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We are delighted to announce that we have arranged a Programme Player Kit Sponsorship with Middlesex County Cricket Club to sponsor the shirts of James Harris across all 3 competitions in the current season.  This is the second year that we have arranged such a sponsorship with Middlesex CCC.

James was the leading First Class wicket taker for Middlesex last year and recorded best ever figures of 9-34 against Durham in the Championship.

We are delighted to be associated with our local County cricket club and wish Middlesex CCC every success in the season.

James Harris from Middlesex CCC commented….

 “I am delighted that NLP Financial Management have chosen to become my Programme Player Kit Sponsor for this season and I would like to thank them for their support this year.”



NLPFM make NMA Top 100 in 2015

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We are pleased to announce that NLP Financial Management have been included in the New Model Adviser Top 100 in 2015.  This continues our success in being nominated in each of the past 3 years and we would like to continue building on this to offer all of our clients an excellent level of service.


Auto Enrolment Breakfast Seminar

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Figures indicate that millions of people are not saving enough to meet their retirement aspirations, suggesting that Britain is heading for a pensions shortfall.

To encourage more people to set aside money for their retirement, the Government introduced Automatic Enrolment legislation requiring employers to set up workplace pensions for eligible workers and make pension contributions. The measures were introduced in 2012 and will be fully implemented by in 2018.

NLP Financial Management have set up numerous pension schemes for companies under automatic enrolment and are delighted to invite business owners, or anyone responsible for their company’s pension scheme, to attend our FREE breakfast seminar on Friday 30 October, at the Gherkin.  Please click the link below for further information.

Auto Enrolment Breakfast Seminar

Please call 020 7472 5555 or email [email protected]  to reserve your place.