Lockdown number 3, but it’s business as usual…

Whilst we were still wishing friends and colleagues Happy New Year, last Monday England once again plunged into another lockdown.  Although for many of us, it didn’t come as a huge surprise, at least this time round there is some light at the end of the tunnel with the acceleration of the vaccination programme rolling out across the UK.

For us, at NLP Financial Management, it really is still business as usual – or at least the usual we are now accustomed to.  We learnt many lessons last year during the first lockdown period and so we can absolutely reassure you that we are still pro-actively working and still at the other end of a telephone or email to answer any questions you may have.

Our teams are now primarily working from home although an office presence is being maintained to deal with the post.   In addition, our investment committee is still meeting regularly online to ensure we provide as comprehensive a service as we did before the pandemic existed.

We are hopeful, as are the rest of the nation, that this lockdown will be short and sharp and we can return to a degree of normality as we head towards Spring.   Please rest assured that we are here Monday to Friday during normal opening hours and hopefully we will see some of you face to face in the not too distant future.